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Ecuador - main
Ecuador - facts and flag of Ecuador
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Ecuador flag clip artTotal area of Ecuador equals 284 square kilometers; population is more than 8 million people.  Due to its territory Ecuador is the ninth largest country among states of the South America, and due to its population it holds the seventh place.  
Ecuador in Spanish means equator Hence the title of the country situated on either side of  this relative line. One of the Ecuador objects of note is tetrahedral obelisk, erected on the equator line on the distance of 24 kilometers from Kito - that is the capital of the country. On the obelisk top there is the stone sphere, surrounded with gold circle. The sphere symbolizes our planet, the gold circle symbolizes equator.
Ecuador is economically poor developed country. The base of its economy is formed by rural economy and extractive industry.
Ecuador is a republic. The head of the state and the government is President. According to the Constitution of 1978 the highest legislative body is one-chamber Congress.
Due to administrative division Ecuador is divided into 19 provinces and 1 territory (Galapagos Islands).

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