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Manufacturing industry

Manufacturing industry of the country is presented by the oil-transfer plants, enterprises of cement, chemical, woodworking, light and food industry. The largest centers of manufacturing industry in Costa are Guayaquil, Salinas and Esmeraldas.  In Guayaquilе the largest importance belongs to food industry, machine-building, metal processing, manufacturing of building materials and textile industry. Salinas and Esmeraldas are important centres of oil processing, besides in Esmeraldas such industries as woodworking and pulp and paper industries are well developed.

in Sierra there are more centers of processing industry as compared to Costa. It is explained by the fact that in Sierra the density of population is bigger, there is no plantation farms, there is capacious market, and by the fact that inhabitants have good habits to crafts.

Among centers of processing industry of Sierra Kito - the capital of the state- is vividly distinguished. Rather great significance belongs to textile industry, as well as food, metal processing and leather-shoe industry.  

Among other industrial centers of Sierra we should define also old University City Cuenca (the university was founded in 1557). In Cuenca there are textile and food industry, well-developed homecrafts, especially making of Panama hats.

Important center of homecraft is Ibarra, famous for its Pnama hats, wool cloth , wooden and gold goods. In Ambate and Latacunga the food goods are produced; in Riobamba the enterprises of textile, food and shoe industries are located.

High rate of development of Ecuador economics in the 70th were impossible without increasing of electric power production. At the end of the 70th electric power was produced two times more as compared to 1970. However Ecuador still takes the last place in Latin America for production of electric power per head. More than 80% of fixed plant output energy belongs to the state.


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