Fishing and forestry
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Fishing and forestry

The most part of territory of Ecuador (as was published in 1993) are still covered by forests. Almost three fourth of annually stocked wood is used as fuel. The commercial meant timbering include a wood of bals-tree (Ecuador has the first position in the world in respect to storing up this type of wood), a wood of seib-tree yielding the important heat-insulated and soundproof materials and a wood of tagua-palm-tree – so-called "vegetative ivory" – used for button's production.

In 1980s Ecuador abruptly increased the fish catch in rich in fish waters between the coast and the islands of Galapagos. But in 1990s the fisheries fell into decay. The catch had been composing only one hundred thousand of tons in 1971 increased to about eight hundred and seventy thousand of tons by 1984 and declined again to 330,7 thousand of tons in 1993. About a third of all catch are the shrimps. Ecuador concerning to the export of this has the second position in the world. And the last part of catch is tunny-fish, anchovies, herring and scomber.

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